We change the world one idea at a time...



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  You may laugh, cry, sneeze, press that little circular arrow to go back 15 seconds because you were day dreaming,  press the 15 seconds forward button to pass up an advertisement, press the pause button as you are getting out of the car because you are pretty sure that the phone knows that the car is off and it will auto pause, but it still looks like it is playing, so you're not sure if it will pause, but what's the harm in pausing it, but when I get back in the car, it does normally pick up where I left off, yea just go ahead and leave it, the phone knows and will auto pause, and more!
- Hosts of the Idea Tank Podcast

We change the world one idea at a time


Enjoy your next commute with The Idea Tank Podcast.  Think about the last time you and your friends watched Shark Tank.  Now think about the conversations afterwards that started with "Hey, I got an idea..." .  


Take that conversation on the road with The Idea Tank Podcast


Hosts Scott and Eric are idea men who, not humbly, seek to change the world through sharing their million dollar ideas, and humbly, seek to make a podcast talking about their ideas.  


Our status?  Halfway there.


Q . Are we experts?

A. No.  


Q. Do our ideas come from our years of paid dues from executing ideas in our own businesses with persistence, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, ingenuity, motivation, creativity, persuasiveness, versatility, superb business skills, risk tolerance, persistence, drive, flexibility, open-mindedness, decisiveness, persistence, determination, confidence, passion, persistence, and persistence?  

A. No, we googled those words.


Q. Do we throw around ideas for fun with little background research and no plans to execute the idea?

A. Yes!


Q.  What if I am a listener who knows why our ideas won't work, will work, or have already been done.

A. Tweet us at IdeaTankPodcast, we want to hear about it!


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